Who we are

Osetrov Design Bureau was created in 2014 by Artem and Daria Osetrovs as an alternative way to create design.

Daria and Artem opened an agency after noticing a huge gap between the level of design projects in studios and with freelance creators. “We’ve been working in multiple design agencies over the past few years and realised that there were no creativity involved. Designers usually don’t have time to do a proper research or understand client needs. They just do project after project after project. And work becomes a routine. And of course it affects the result.

In the end client pays a lot of money for not so great work. With freelancers clients can get an amazing design, but can’t rely on timings and usually don’t trust individual creators”. Osetrov Design decided to step ahead and combine freelance creativity with studios trustworthiness in one place.

What we do

Clients contact Osetrov Design as they want to be ahead of their competitors in the design game. Our creativity helps companies stand out across different platforms. We do website and mobile app design, UI/UX design, product design, Art Direction, Illustrations and Project management.

Art Director

Artem Osetrov.
Artem has 14 years work experience in web design and UI/UX design. He did projects for multiple well-known companies and design agencies around the world. 

Artem believes that design should be estimated in quality and creativity. 

With every project we create we do a full research, brainstorm multiple ideas and pick the best one, the most suitable for your business needs.

Check Artems full portfolio here - Behance and Dribbble