Project Brief
Old design
Bountye is a search engine and aggregatorthat provides users with the ability to search multiple third-party sites for second hand goods and online classifieds all in one place.

We aggregate these marketplaces to offer users the best product range, search and localization available.

Old design of the app obsolete and data showed us we had a drop in subscription transaction which means that old design affect the user experience and also the revenue of the company!
The on-boarding process of purchase of good has been a problem for new users for 5 years. Users are terminating before they are even able find the value in the product.
- Time Consuming
- Complicated
- Confusing

Time making a purchase takes users 15 - 30 min to be up and running after long choice of goods. It took a lot of time to learn how to set up the receipt of goods and find the necessary actions in the interface and users left the product without completing the purchase.
The product and purchase process is not intuitive. Users are not sure how much of the on ordering goods requirements they have finished or how much is remaining.
Because the product is not intuitive the users need help to ordering. The methods in which information and help is provided is not pleasant.
What is done
Was invented the solution and built the prototype in order to tell the story. Also ran the concept through some initial user testing. This was a very large concept that has been talked about for time. The solution will impact and affect for all logic and interfaces. It was import that we vetted this concept with as many colleagues as possible.
I facilitated a 5 day long design sprint. The Designers, Product Manager, Developers, Internal Experts and Users combine forces in a room for five days. First we make sure we are all understanding the problem correctly. Using research, various thought evoking tools, communication and understanding we have a prototyped concept at the end of day 4. Now we can better communicate with VPs to see if the concept will solve the business need.
Facilitated Design Sprint
The Goal
Speed up and simplify the process of purchasing goods and make a friendly and beautiful interface
Five days of cross team collaboration.
The Approach
The team sets a goal in order to assure our solution stays on track. We hold a meeting with all stakeholders and product VPs to ensure we are all on the same page with the goal. Our goal was "Help users to start using the product faster"
Set a goal
Current Map
The current journey map is massive. Mapping out the user journey allows us to quickly see where the user problems arise. I have detailed below more about the current map.
Map it out
New Map. The ideal experience.
This is a brand new concept so there is no current experience to map out. The team starts by mapping out the ideal user experience. We take the map and run it past internal experts and users to see if we are close to hitting the mark.
We have already done some upfront User Research which has given us a good place to start. We bring in internal experts and/or current users to answer some questions that are still outstanding. We run them through the new journey map to validate if we are heading in the right direction.
Expert Sessions
These are questions that we have about solving problems. Instead of stating the problem, turning the problem into a question can help facilitate ideation.We document these on the map so we make sure we solve them along the way.
How Might We
The team researched other dashboard products and illustrate what they like or dislike about them. Each member of the team presents the product they picked. We capture these ideas to help generate individual ideas for the sketching rounds.
Lightning Demos
3 Rounds of sketching. Each person presents their concept sketches and the team then votes on the features they like the best. The most voted on features help us shape our storyboard.
We create and evaluate the storyboard to make sure the team is comfortable with the story we are telling and the way we plan to solve the issues.
App, Website, Product
Osetrov Design Studio

UX/UI: Art Osetrov
PM: Daria Osetrova

Made in 8 weeks
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