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About Project

Rexpax is the world's first Home Online


According to the survey, Millennials or Generation Y value mobility. They are fond of sharing: files, video games, music, knowledge. They buy luxury goods less often than their parents and they more often choose services that provide access to items which eliminate the burden of ownership.


Based on the Nielsen study, 68% of people are ready to share their belongings and services with each other. Taking a 2 billion Facebook audience as a base, 68% is about 1,5 billion people each of them having at least 10 items to share. Therefore, at least 15 billion items can be permanently stored on the Internet. This is an incredibly huge market.

Sharing Economy

Is the project’s philosophy solving the problem of things’ availability. This model provides an active interaction between people with common interests and allows you to profit from items without having to own them.


Is designed to solve the problems of sharing economy, which gives rise to a new economy, since the basis of blockchain and sharing economy of mutual consumption are of the same values and principles of work. Thanks to Blockchain and Rexpax platform, we can move on to a more efficient and secure resources’ distribution.


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Who worked on the project

UI/UX designers
Artem Osetrov


Project manager
Daria Osetrova
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