Search millions of second hand items all in one place Bountye has a single lofty objective: To offer users an unbeatable selection of preowned goods in order to reduce the number of items going into landfill.

Bountye is a search engine and aggregator that provides users with the ability to search multiple third-party sites for secondhand goods and online classifieds all in one place. We aggregate these marketplaces to offer users the best product range, search and localization available.

We think buying secondhand stuff should be as easy as buying something new,which is why although we started off as a marketplace, we decided to change our business focus and aggregate all the secondhand goods marketplaces (secondhand clothes, motors, tickets, electronics etc.) around the world, to provide our users with the best product range, search, and localisation.

Why aren’t people buying more secondhand goods, when there are millions of items for sale each day.It boils down to convenience, unfortunately, there is no easy way to find the stuff we need… when we need it. By showing our users ALL the secondhand items near them, we can provide a cheaper, and simpler alternative to buying new. Our users might even meet a neighbour or two! We believe that buying secondhand shouldn’t always feel like a treasure hunt, it should be easier and more fun than buying the same item new.

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