Design and Implementation of 37 app Trivify screens.

Trivify App Trivify is an app where users can play trivia games out of questions they need to study for. Exams such as SATs, ACTs, MCATs and other standardized tests. Main idea is you can study for exams while playing a game against friends. The more correct answers you get, the faster you get to the top of the Trivify world. Trivify character Trivify owl is your accompany during the game. Its emotional reaction changes from happyness to sadness or anger depending on how you answer the questions. Trivify supports online play, allowing you to train with your friends or even complete strangers. How to play The main goal is to get to the top of the Trivify world. Your movement depends on your answers: if the answer is correct you move up, if you are wrong you move down. Do not know the answer? Don’t worry there is always a hint to help you. Illustrations and Design A huge work has been done. Illustration and Design of the owl character as well as the whole Trivify world.

Illustrations and Design app


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