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Traditional digital advertising agency would also offer this kind of service, but they are way too expensive so not for everyone. Also what they do is they will provide a whole package of services to their client, a campaign including everything, so the client won’t know which money for what, and the agency could make huge profit by every single client they having. We call it black box. What we will do is, we only provide solution of content production. Because this days media placement is highly standard merchandise, a lot of companies and sales person could provide super professional opinions, no need of our involvement at here. Also in term of budget, we are cheaper. More importantly, we want to have total transparency with our client, want to be neutral when giving them idea, in this way to build trust with them.

What also differentiate us from traditional digital agency is, we crowd-sourced our project to other people in creative idea stage. They could be a creative director working in Ogilvy & Mather, or an insurance sales person, and no matter who they are, they just have a story want to share with us and get paid by doing so. We want to have as many as possible people involved, because even creative master couldn’t guarantee generating good idea in every single times, but people could be touched by a story shared from cleaner Alan. Then we prepare work brief based on winning idea, and send to a group of directors based on clients’ requirement, to obtain director treatments. Based on those treatments, we will know who will be the most suitable person for job, then we work together to get the job done.

Overall, we use crowdsourcing method to expand our productivity, and provide multiple video production options for clients to optimize their decision making process. But the video is the only thing we do, so we could focus on this, and become more efficiency and professional.


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Who worked on the project

UI/UX designers
Artem Osetrov


Project manager
Daria Osetrova

Osetrov Design Bureau

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