Medport specializes in medical liens and healthcare finance.

About Project

About Us

«We help quality physicians economically treat personal injury victims on a lien, which means their clients can get the best possible care». What was done: — website redesign — cloud-based system interfaces redesign — email marketing campaign design — animation of interfaces.


The problem

Your practice is facing declining reimbursements and increasing costs. Treating personal injury should be part of your patient / payer mix. Problem is, it means waiting years to get paid (if ever), added administrative costs and dealing with law offices.


The Medport solution

Medport takes on payment risk by funding the receivable immediately after treatment and can take care of 100% of the administrative work. This leaves your practice free to do what it does best: treat patients.


We pay fast

Our mission is to be your favorite payer. Over a decade of experience means we make decisions quickly and fund within 48 business hours. Month to month and year to year.


Your relationships are everything

We’re happy to operate in the background as your financial partner and servicer, leaving you in control of key decisions. We retain over 96% of our business from year to year and there’s a reason for that.


Superior technology and processes

We’ve got post-treatment lien servicing down to a science. MoveDocs, our HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based technology platform makes working with Medport painless. You just dump all your documents with us and we’ll handle 100% of medical record management, case status updates and settlements.



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Who worked on the project

UI/UX designers
Artem Osetrov


Project manager
Daria Osetrova


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